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Avoiding The BlackBerry Blues: Know When To Fire Yourself

by: Noam Wasserman for Many founders ride their companies up the value ladder, and then down it. Last week saw the latest example of this phenomenon, as the next dramatic chapter was written in the evolution of Research-in-Motion (RIM),

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“Founders’ Dilemmas” Course: Founder-CEO Succession Cases

In prior posts about my “Founders’ Dilemmas” MBA course, I provided an overview of the course, details about the Introductory case and the cases in the “When to Found” module, details about four cases in the “Building the Team” module,

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New Article in Harvard Business Review: “The Founder’s Dilemma”

The new (February 2008) issue of Harvard Business Review has an article that delves into issues familiar to (and possibly of interest to) participants in this blog. Its title is “The Founder’s Dilemma.” Below is the article summary from the

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Hiring Into — and Demoting Into? — Executive Positions

Our recent CompStudy webcast included a chart (originally conceived by Mike DiPierro) that showed a breakdown of founders versus non-founders in each executive position. For instance, in the 240 IT start-ups in this year’s survey, how many have founder-CEOs and

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Yahoo’s New Founder-CEO

  Note: Harvard Business Online asked me to provide some reflections on the CEO succession developments at Yahoo this week. Below is an expanded version of what they just posted to their site. When a board replaces a founder-CEO with

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Interview about Founder-CEO Succession

Hope 2007 is off to a great start for everyone! In the near term, I will be posting the results of analyses that my co-author (Matt Marx) and I have done of the factors affecting the stability of founding teams.

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Bridge CEOs, Revisited

Earlier this month, Business Week had an item entitled “The Temp in the Corner Office.” It described a “rise” (from 2 in 2004 to 9 last year) in the number of large companies using interim CEOs as a bridge between

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Doomed CEOs and Bridge CEOs

Is the first non-founding CEO of a venture “doomed to fail”? On Monday, we debuted my new case on founder-CEO succession at Wily Technology. In class, we discussed the potential problems faced by Dick Williams, Wily’s first non-founding CEO, if

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Nike, Cyberposium, and Jim Estill: 3 Takes on Founder-CEO Succession

With our required MBA course in Entrepreneurial Management under way, I have less time to post research results and related items here. However, here are three quick items I recently accumulated related to the “After the Firing” side of my

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3 Tidbits from the “Emerging Ventures” Conference

On Wednesday, I gave a keynote address at the Emerging Ventures conference. I also chatted with several founders and venture capitalists, some at lunch Wednesday and some after my address. Three tidbits from those conversations that are relevant to this

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