New Items on Entrepreneurial Compensation

As mentioned, my Founder Discount entrepreneurial-compensation paper is coming out in this month’s issue of the Academy of Management Journal. At least partly due to that paper’s being published, there’s been a flurry of activity about comp issues.

If you’re interested in reading about some of them, here are three:

  • Magazine article — Rick Spence’s article in the October issue of MoneySense magazine does a nice job of integrating my paper’s findings with anecdotal evidence from founders and compensation consultants.

Some readers may recall that a few months ago, Rick and I had a blogosphere dialogue about founder-CEO succession issues, described on my side here (last item + comment-posts) and on Rick’s blog here.

  • VC InsideOut podcast — As part of his series on VC-related issues, Pascal Levensohn, the founder and managing director of Levensohn Venture Partners (and an active blogger about VC issues and a variety of non-business topics), did a podcast interview with me about the Founder Discount paper. Eric Olson has an excellent summary of it at his blog.
  • The final/official version of the paper itself (see below for a glimpse) — I’ll be adding it soon to the links at the right. Thank you again to everyone whose input helped shape and improve the paper!

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