Founder Cases in the News: Evan Williams (Twitter) and Apple

One of this week’s more intriguing (and controversial) rumors in the IT industry was about Apple’s possible interest in acquiring Twitter.

I was planning to use my next blog-post to give an overview of my new MBA course (“Founders’ Dilemmas: Money and Power in Entrepreneurial Ventures”), followed by posts on its individual case studies. However, given the Apple-Twitter rumors, I decided to jump the gun regarding two individual cases.

As it turns out, the course’s introductory case is about the early founding fireworks at Apple, and the middle of the semester features a case looking at Evan Williams’ approaches to founding Blogger and to founding Odeo (which evolved into Twitter). If anyone is interested in seeing those cases, they’re available on the HBS Publishing site, with “Apple’s Core” here and “Evan Williams: From Blogger to Odeo” here.

The broader course overview will be coming up soon!

  1. Didn’t HBS teach us to do valuations on companies before paying out $700mm in cash- at least something on the back of an envelope? Seems difficult without a revenue model, and I don’t see how Apple will help monetize twitter other than by selling $0.99 apps. That math doesn’t seem to work well…

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