Press Coverage

  • Forbes’ Startup Economy Blogger: Peter Cohan
    HBS's Noam Wasserman Brings Moneyball to Start-ups. To Read More
  • Boston Globe
    Innovation Economy Columnist Scott Kirsner’s story on and audio interview with Noam Wasserman To Read More
  • Joel On Software:
    Joel Spolsky talks about The Founder’s Dilemmas To Read More
  • Avoiding Founder Failure: 26 Quick Tips and Real Data
    Dharmesh Shah of List of 26 Tweet-able Tips for Founding a Startup (based on The Founder's Dilemmas) To Read More
  • VC Jeff Bussgang: Founder’s Dilemmas - And There Are Many
    “This is a serious book for a serious endeavor: creating a company from scratch that can be a world-beater and life-changer. Every founder should read it - and take the time to digest its rich data and lessons.” To Read More
  • Publisher’s Weekly: The Founder’s Dilemmas: Anticipating and Avoiding the Pitfalls That Can Sink a Startup
    A “seminal work on the startup phase of the entrepreneurial venture...[based on] a decade of research on common issues faced by founders.” An “illuminating and captivating read.” To read more
  • PEhub: HBS’s Noam Wasserman on Cofounders, Equity Splits, and Reality Distortion Fields
    Interview with Noam that captures some of the observations he made during the book’s writing, and lessons he hopes will help entrepreneurs avoid the pitfalls of their predecessors. To read more

Latest Column

  • ‘The Street’ Interview with Noam: Facebook IPO
    Noam Wasserman, author of The Founder's Dilemmas, highlights Mark Zuckerberg's biggest problems as Facebook prepares to go public. To watch
  • Fear vs. Greed at Facebook
    Mark Zuckerberg and his executive team have been extremely successful at retaining equity in their company. But how well do most other founders do? Noam takes a look in this Inc. article To Read More
  • Avoiding The BlackBerry Blues: Know When To Fire Yourself
    Noam discusses how early strengths can become Achilles’ heels if a founder is not aware of the downsides of passion and attachment. Why and when should a founder fire himself or herself? To Read More
  • Kauffman Sketchbook
    Noam narrates a lesson from Founder's Dilemmas (Chapter 2) in this Kauffman Sketchbook titled “Take the Leap”
  • Can Entrepreneurship Be Taught?
    WSJ: Noam argues that the question isn’t can entrepreneurship be taught, but rather how should it be taught. To Read More
  • 4 Top Myths About Start-up Pay
    Noam unlocks some of the biggest myths in startup pay. To read more