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“Founders’ Dilemmas” Course: New-Venture Hiring Cases

In prior posts about my “Founders’ Dilemmas” MBA course, I provided an overview of the course, details about the Introductory case and the cases in the “When to Found” module, and details about four cases in the “Building the Team”

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Investors (and Managers) as Headhunters: Sources of New-Venture Executives

How much of a role do investors play in helping portfolio companies find executive hires? A year and a half ago, two students of mine conducted a survey of entrepreneurs regarding how much value their VCs were adding to their

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Hiring Into — and Demoting Into? — Executive Positions

Our recent CompStudy webcast included a chart (originally conceived by Mike DiPierro) that showed a breakdown of founders versus non-founders in each executive position. For instance, in the 240 IT start-ups in this year’s survey, how many have founder-CEOs and

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Hiring Frustrations: Can Goliath Work in a David-Venture?

In describing their biggest hiring frustrations, founder-CEOs often mention hiring someone out of a big company who was not able to adapt to the challenges of a new venture. One founder-CEO recently described one of his hiring mistakes – a

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Upside-down VCs, Part 3: Synthesis of Comments

Why do later-stage VC firms have more use for junior hires than do early-stage VC firms? Thank you again to all of the people who contributed comments to my query about junior hires in early-stage versus later-stage firms. As a

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Upside-down VCs, Part 2: The Costs Versus Benefits of Junior Hires

In my first “Upside-down VCs” post, I asked for input on “upside-down” org structures in VC. Thank you to Jeff Barson and to two anonymous commenters (one of whom provided an excerpt from the “Understand the Math” part of this

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Upside-down VCs, Part 1: The “First Morning” That Sparked It

“Does it matter how my VC structures his own firm internally? Why should I care whether he’s doing all the work or whether he’s delegating it to junior staff?” When you see the picture below, what’s your first thought? “Org

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HR 101: Hiring and Scaling Challenges

The chart below shows the percentage of start-ups that had each “C-level” position, categorized by the rounds of financing raised by the company. (This is from the start-up survey conducted in early 2005, which had responses from 263 private IT

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