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The Idea Premium: How Much (Equity) is Your Idea Worth?

How much more equity do you receive if you are the founder who came up with the original idea for your venture? Last month I posted preliminary analyses (here and here) of how the initial titles/positions adopted by co-founders are

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A Second Look at “Idea People” as CEOs: Should vs. Do

In response to last week’s post showing raw data about the propensity of “idea people” to take the CEO position within their founding teams, Tadej commented: I don’t think having the idea should generally affect your position in the company

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Idea People and Their Initial Roles Within Founding Teams

Does being your venture’s “idea person” affect your initial role within the venture and the size of your equity stake? Initial analyses of data from our 2007 Compensation Survey (the 2008 Survey is currently under way — see here to

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