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Fear vs. Greed at Facebook

By: Noam Wasserman for Mark Zuckerberg and his executive team have been extremely successful at retaining equity in their company. But how well do most other founders do? Even as Facebook prepares to go public, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder

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Rich vs. King, Around the World

If I live outside the United States, do Rich-versus-King tradeoffs apply to founders in my country? In recent months, one question I have gotten on a regular basis is whether Rich-versus-King tradeoffs are specific to founders from the United States

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Your Thoughts on Achieving Rich&King?

Thank you to everyone who contributed thoughts about “The Founder’s Dilemma.” It was quite interesting to see your reflections on the specific Rich vs. King tradeoffs you have faced, and also your thoughts on what might separate the exceptional Rich&King

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New Article in Harvard Business Review: “The Founder’s Dilemma”

The new (February 2008) issue of Harvard Business Review has an article that delves into issues familiar to (and possibly of interest to) participants in this blog. Its title is “The Founder’s Dilemma.” Below is the article summary from the

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“Rich vs. King” in HBS’s Working Knowledge

In case you want to read more about it, the new issue of HBS Working Knowledge includes a relatively extensive interview with me regarding my Rich vs. King paper, results, and cases. Or, as Working Knowledge titles it, “Rich or

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“Rich versus King”: Best Paper Proceedings Version

My “Rich vs. King” paper made the Best Paper Proceedings of this year’s Academy of Management meeting. For the Proceedings, I had to craft a 6-page version of the (30-page) original paper … so if you want to take a

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“Rich versus King”: Charts and Impressions

In the original “Rich vs. King” post (thanks to everyone who participated in the dialogue there and helped flesh out additional pieces of the puzzle!), I argued that most founders will have to choose between building valuable companies in which

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“Rich versus King”: The Core Concept

Here are three founder scenarios, all with parallels to cases I teach our MBA students: #1: You have an idea for a great product and want to start a company. Do you start it yourself (and keep all of the

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