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The Gender Gap in Startups, Part 2: Compensation

Is there a Gender Salary Gap in private ventures?

My previous post showed the percentages of men versus women in IT versus Life Sciences executive teams, across various VP-level and C-level positions. In this post, I focus on salary differences by gender, first describing the overall results using our full 2008 survey results, then delving into various subsets of the data.

The regressions included data on 2,200 executives from almost 480 private IT and Life Sciences ventures. The regressions controlled for differences in the following factors:

  • Positions — separate variables for each of 15 VP-level and C-level
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The Gender Gap in Startups, Part 1: Women in IT and Life Sciences Ventures

What are the actual percentages of women in startups? Do the numbers differ by industry, stage of venture, or position? And, are women and men paid differently in startups?

On a regular basis, I read articles that refer to or lament the imbalance between men and women in startups. For instance, this Forbes article states that only 4.08% of venture funding in 2006 went to tech startups with female chief executives. But what is the actual percentage of women in these startups? Do imbalances exist more in some areas than in others?

In this year’s CompStudy survey we added …

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