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“Founders’ Dilemmas” Course: Franchising, The Full Life Cycle of a Venture, and Exit Decisions

Prior posts about my “Founders’ Dilemmas” MBA course included the following items:

This post describes a case that examines franchising as a growth option and as an entry point into entrepreneurship, from the perspectives of both the founder of the potential franchisor and the founder of the potential first franchisee (“…

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The Perils of Being a (Successful) Serial Entrepreneur

Succeeding as an entrepreneur comes with many benefits: heightened credibility, new skills, broader and deeper connections. However, once you’ve succeeded, are there any downsides you should worry about?

There are substantial benefits to having already been a successful entrepreneur. (In addition to the things listed above, one specific example: My new “After the Firing” analyses — details forthcoming in the coming months — suggest that being a serial entrepreneur may be the strongest protection against the founder’s being replaced as CEO.) However, on the other side of the ledger, I’ve observed several new challenges faced by entrepreneurs who

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